Bring back those old memories!

Film to Digital Transfer

Above: Unprocessed transfer of amateur 16mm silent film, more than 50 years old.

Let us transfer your old movies, slides and audiotapes to digital format. Those wonderful old media which may not have been viewed in decades can be watched again on all your modern devices, from smartphone to large screen projection, bringing back irreplaceable memories, and making the past come to life for new generations.

Left: Our transfer of a 35mm Kodachrome slide, shot by an amateur photographer in 1964. Kodachrome movie and slide film had very fine grain, eye-popping colour and almost miraculous keeping qualities, and this picture typically needed only minimal colour correction. (Click on picture to view at larger sizes)

We provide:

  • High quality, High-Definition transfers of 8mm and 16mm (sound or silent) films
  • High-res transfers of 35mm slides and negatives.
  • High-res scans of medium and large format transparencies and negatives, and overhead projector transparencies.
  • Scans of photographic prints and artwork of any size.
  • Colour correction and photo enhancement are available for all photographic transfers.
  • Transfers of your old VHS and camcorder videotapes, including S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8 and DV formats.
  • Transfers of 1/4-inch reel-to-reel and audiocassette recordings to .mp3 or .wav files. Noise reduction also available. Hear those old recordings with a clarity they’ve never had before!

How we capture your precious memories

35mm slide and negative transfers are made using a modern DSLR fitted with precision macrophotography attachments. Each slide or negative is evenly backlit and photographed directly, capturing all the detail in the original. Negatives are reversed — you get positive images. Working straight from negatives yields higher quality copies than scanning prints made from those negatives.

For smaller quantities of slides and negatives, we may use a photo-quality scanner instead of a camera, at resolutions of 10,000 dpi and higher.



For movie film transfers we use specially modified film projectors beaming through a high quality aerial image device. This ensures:

  1. Smooth flicker-free motion,
  2. Maximum sharpness and resolution by photographing an image projected directly into the camcorder lens, without being reflected off a screen, which would reduce image quality.






Audiotapes are played on professional tape decks and converted using latest audio software. Stereo is preserved if present, and basic noise reduction is included. This can remove most or all tape hiss or electronic hum present on many old tapes, and gives the sound a clarity and immediacy it never had before. More advanced noise reduction is available as an extra if required.


Due to the large variation in size of job, what kind of media you have, the condition it’s in, how many reels large or small, etc etc, it’s not feasible to publish a price list. But we will offer you reasonable prices, good turnaround times and discounts for large quantities.

To arrange for a custom quote, drop us a note on our contact page: