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Occupational Health & Safety

Motivation and clarity are the keys here. Your staff needs to know that the OH&S measures you’ve implemented are for their benefit. And they need to understand very clearly how to carry out those measures. Professionally written and produced video can save everyone lots of trouble later.

Corporate and marketing video

Your corporate image video should not only sell your services to customers, but also foster knowledge and pride within the company. Marketing and sales aids shouldn’t try to take over the job of your staff, but assist and enhance their efforts.


It’s already a cliche that teachers have to be entertainers these days. The same is true of teaching aids such as video. From concept to script to final product, we can help make learning and teaching enjoyable as well as instructive.


To truly document an event or tell a real-life story you need more than the right technical facilities. You need a director and (small) crew who can capture what’s real, but with minimum impact on the event itself. This takes sensitivity to the people in the story, and an eye for the telling moments

Script writing

A good audio-visual aid should be as visual as possible, with a minimal reliance on words. This begins at the concept and writing stage. The script determines how good the final product will be.

Trade show A-V support

Usually, trade shows are bustling, noisy places. Unless you are privileged to have a quiet space, your screen display needs to communicate your message visually, with a minimal reliance on sound.

Special event staging and support

Your event could be a product launch, conference, annual dinner, fundraiser, guest lecturer, testimonial, or a combination. A-V requirements today can be complex and confusing. We can ensure the seamless running of your event.

Speaker A-V support

Everyone can produce their own Powerpoint presentations, right? Yes, but how effective are they in communicating to your audience? Are your screens overcrowded with text? Do the graphics truly illustrate your concepts? Does your presentation help them follow your train of thought?
We’ll work with you to make your whole presentation, not just the Powerpoint slides, the most effective it can be.

Video editing/post-production

So your masterpiece is in the can. But the most important stage is yet to come. It needs to be put together in the most effective way possible—for clarity, excitement, involvement. Graphics, titles, voice-overs, and the right music, all play a role as important as any star.

Video/audio press releases

These vital tools for obtaining media coverage need to be in a professional format, informative, succinct and to the point. And they need to stand out from the crowd..