Keren Tov Chefs Classic Trailer

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A charity decided to hold a cooking competition event as a fundraiser. But how to overcome the huge technical issues? They hit upon the idea of filming the competition, and the showing of the film would be the event, with the winners announced live right after the screening. We filmed and edited the competition down to a pacy 90-minute movie filled with drama and laughter. The evening was held at the Astor Theatre , with the movie shown on the giant screen in front of 800 people. Here is the trailer promoting the event.

Kosher Cook promo

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There are lots of videos out there aiming to teach the techniques of cooking and cuisine. Many of them are good. But some suffer from either a lack of clarity or quirky over-fast editing techniques attempting to be “cool”. What viewers really need is something they can actually learn from in a clear, easy to follow presentation.

Our soon to be released series on the Kosher Kitchen (watch this space!) is crammed with instruction on how to do real Kosher cooking and maintain a strictly Kosher kitchen. It’s a super-clear learning aid for anyone starting a Kosher kitchen. But it’s also chock-full of recipes and techniques, covering all the basics: Meat, fish, vegetables, soups, herbs, pastas, desserts, cakes, etc. etc.

Symphony For the Soul II

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Covering a one-off complex event on video, often without the opportunity of a full rehearsal, is an exciting challenge. It needs plenty of technical expertise and experience, naturally. But it’s not just technical. Even more important is having an intimate understanding and appreciation of the subject matter, in this case the music.

This concert, which had only a single performance, was filmed using four cameras, without a video rehearsal and very limited working space. But the result was excellent, with the client coming back to us again and again.


The song required scenic backgrounds to be projected in sync with the song. We timed and prepared the background scenes to match the song, and on the night ran them live on a large screen behind the singers. We were also providing a 3-camera video coverage of the whole event.

Viscount in flight

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The Julian Paradox Main Title HQ

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