Event Coverage

Covering a one-off complex event on video, often without the opportunity of a full rehearsal, is an exciting challenge. It needs plenty of technical expertise and experience, naturally. But it’s not just technical. Even more important is having an intimate understanding and appreciation of the subject matter, in this case the music.

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Instructional Video

With Benny Goldman

There are lots of videos out there aiming to teach the techniques of cooking and cuisine. Many of them are good. But some suffer from either a lack of clarity or quirky over-fast editing techniques attempting to be “cool”. What viewers really need is something they can actually learn from in a clear, easy to follow presentation.

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Motion Graphics

The art of creating moving illustrations for film titles, instructional sequences, montages—the list goes on. Think of it as graphic art in motion. The creator may use still images, video clips, text, sound and other elements. The aim is to create a succinct, powerful and memorable viewing experience to illustrate a concept.

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To truly document an event or tell a real-life story you need more than the right technical facilities. You need a director and (preferably small) crew who can capture what’s real, but with minimum impact on the event itself. This takes sensitivity to the people in the story, and an eye for the telling moments

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Reliability and Creativity
High Key Productions is the place I turn to for any of our audio or video needs. Their combination of creativity and reliability means that we never have to worry once we give them the job specifications. Whether it’s short-notice event filming, You-Tube clips or intricate editing, their services are outstanding.
But it’s not just their technical skill. They give every project that special ingredient: heart.
Aura Levin Lipski